Saturday, July 20, 2013

Knowing Yourself With Ramadhan

Ramadhan Theme: Knowing Yourself
Ramadhan is a very special month and is well-known as a month for knowing ourselves.
Why do I say so?
Because in this blessed month, Syaitan is imprisoned and shrinked !
Yeah, that is the magnificent moment.
You are free!
Free to do anything you wanted to do.
You wish to do bundles of good deeds, no evil could halt you from doing good things.
That’s why this is the moment of truth.
This is the time you know yourself by observing your capacity of performing obligatory and superegoratory acts.
The highest level you achieved throughout this month can be considered as the best of you.
For example, on other months, you can only read 2 pages of al-Quran daily.
But at ramadhan you could read 5 pages or more, daily.
That means the real you is you can read 5 pages or even more.
That is you on this moment.
So you could start your Syawal by reciting 5 pages daily.
Then the hardness begins again.
Allah will test you by letting the Syaitan seducing you again.
But the vital thing is, you have acknowledged that you can do something better.
So, my message is commit any good deeds to your maximum energy and highest level then record it on your mind so that you can start a better life after ramadhan and for the rest of other months…
Happy Ramadhan!
The happiness never ends~

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